Conduct tax calculations with ease.

Abacus is Puzzl’s industry-leading Gross-to-Net tax engine, now available for integration outside the core platform to establish or supercharge a payroll program.

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Who it’s for

Abacus’s easy-to-use API is ideal for platforms that want to build their own payroll tax engine from scratch, replace legacy Gross-to-Net calculation providers, or double check calculations in complex jurisdictions and scenarios.

Payroll Providers

Payroll Providers

Ensure accurate payroll withholding calculations for wage disbursement



Ensure compliance as Employer of Record

Insurance Providers

Insurance Providers

Make informed decisions on employee’s take-home pay amounts

Wealth Management & Fintech

Wealth Management & Fintech

Make informed budgeting decisions by assessing accurate net wages

Sales Commissioning

Sales Commissioning

Build accurate predictive analytics and job-costing tools

Time, Attendance, & Staffing

Time, Attendance, & Staffing

Provide accurate job-costing information

Your data flow

Give us an employee’s basic information and their gross pay, and we’ll give you back your employer taxes, their employee taxes, and their take-home pay. It’s that simple.

API calls to Abacus with your payroll data

We ensure
complete compliance
by closely monitoring
government changes
to tax law in all U.S.

Accounts for federal, state, and local taxes

Covers all 50 U.S. states.




Annual tax code updates


Stress-free experience

Powered by Geocoding

Our advanced Geocoding technology sets a new industry standard in precision, using latitude and longitude to pinpoint home and work addresses for accurate withholdings.

Vector map of the United States representing how Zeal's Geocoding technology uses latitude and longitude.

Tax calculation is just one part of what Zeal can do for you.

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