A modern payroll provider for hourly workers

Real-time data sync with your internal system and 3rd-party HR providers. Our average customer saves $133K annually by letting Puzzl automate their payroll back-office operations.

Save up to $180K annually by only paying for what you use.

With Puzzl, you only pay for active employees. You won’t be charged for employees that don’t receive payroll in a given month — automatically saving you thousands of dollars in unnecessary hosting fees.

Simply pay 5% on gross wages per active employee, per month or $25 per active employee, per month — whichever is cheaper!

Build your own payroll.
Expand your offering and multiply your revenue.

Control the customer payroll experience and let Puzzl handle all the tedious payroll calculations, reporting, filing, and support.

Your customers don’t even need to know we exist.

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Automate Payment Workflows

Use a single API integration to automate hours of operational overhead and reduce opportunities for human error.

  • Automate your spreadsheet data-work

  • Automate payroll processing & approvals

  • Automate PTO and pre-scheduled payments

Reduce worker turnover with daily pay and instant tips.

50% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. Puzzl allows you to pay your workers at any frequency you please, at no additional cost to you or your employees.

  • Retain more workers

  • Spend less time hiring

  • Save thousands in retraining costs

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